A Leadership Lap

Welcome to our first edition of the ALSS Journal. In an effort to add value to your membership, our aim is to provide a quarterly journal which focuses on the Bible, professional growth, spiritual wellness, faith applications, leadership development, entrepreneurialism, academic & economic trends, advancement, recruitment, and networking with other terrific leaders in our ALSS community Read More

ALSS Conventional Wisdom

From free exercise, politics, and Hamilton on Broadway to golf tournaments and the time of day, here's the conventional wisdom from the editor... Read More

Heartland Summit - “Sufficiently Religious: Faithfulness to Scripture and Doctrine in Challenging Times”

October 23-25 at Concordia University Nebraska. Registration is open, but hurry! Space is limited Read More

2017 ALSS Conference

Save the Date! March 1-4 at La Torretta Resort, Montgomery, TX (Fly into Houston) Read More

Analyzing Advancement in Lutheran Schools

Advancement means building new sports complexes and and campus services, but the best efforts in advancement don't involve a shovel or coat of paint... Read More

Looking for Female Administrators

How can we encourage more females to become administrators in our Lutheran schools? Read More

The Realities of Being a New Executive Director

All Executive Directors are new once, but finding that 'fit' can be difficult while you are being pulled in numerous directions and your time is demanded by everyone... Read More

Working on the Next Big Things at Prince of Peace Christian School

By their very nature, schools are a place of change. New students enroll each year, just as another class of students graduates. Even the school itself is a place of change, with new faculty members, new buildings or updated facilities, and new curriculum... Read More

Super Stuff

Snippets and quips that could just be essential... Read More

Recently Published Books Every Christian Leader Should Read

Reviewed in this Edition: The Most Excellent Way to Lead, Touchstones of Good Teaching, The Pedagogy of Faith and Leadership BS Read More

Six Things We are Doing Right Now to Maximize Our Admissions and Recruitment

Not every Lutheran high school has conditions conducive for growth. Because we do, here is a short list of the key recruitment and admissions strategies that we have fully bought into as keys to successful enrollment growth... Read More

Three Things You Can Do as the Chief Fundraiser of Your School

Imagine what it would be like if every Lutheran school had all the resources they needed to carry out the ministry that God has placed before them with the highest degree of excellence. For many this image is nothing more than a dream or wishful thinking Read More

A Devotion for You: Back to School

We are back to school again. How are you doing so far? Read More