Paul Lange Award


The Paul Lange Award was established by the ALSS in 1994 in honor of the many years of distinguished leadership of Dr. Paul Lange in the Lutheran high school movement. Often referred to as “Mr. Lutheran High School,” Dr. Lange was the first Principal and Superintendent of the Lutheran High School Association in St. Louis. He devoted his personal and professional life to Lutheran secondary education. Few individuals have so profoundly influenced the growth and spread of Lutheran high schools and inspired generations of Lutheran high school administrators.

In 1962, Dr. Lange went to Valparaiso University to head its education department. For fifteen years, he promoted secondary education as a viable professional goal for young Lutherans. Dr. Lange was the leader in establishing Valpo’s partnership with ALSS. A respected churchman, Paul Lange’s legacy stands as a model for Lutheran high school leaders and a part of the great legacy of Lutheran high schools which ALSS represents.

This award annually recognizes an administrator of an ALSS school who has an exemplary commitment to the educational ministry of Lutheran high schools. The special honor is intended to be an encouragement to professional church leaders to model the ministry of Jesus Christ for colleagues, students, families, and the church.


A nominee must be currently serving as an administrator of an ALSS school. The individual may be a principal or executive head of a Lutheran high school or Lutheran high school association.


In the fall, the Executive Director of ALSS will issue a call for nominations and make nomination forms available to ALSS administrators, chairpersons of ALSS faculties, and chairpersons of the board of directors of ALSS schools. Completed nominations must be sent to the ALSS Executive Director. The ALSS Board of Directors will select the award recipient. The Paul Lange Award may be presented annually at the ALSS Conference.

Paul Lange Award Nomination Form

Award Recipients

Year Name
1994 Robert Christian
1995 Dr. Robert Malzahn
1996 Dale Wolfgram
1997 Dr. Tom Buck
1998 Dr. Gerald Brunworth
1999 Rev. Dr. John Herzog
2000 Dave Sommermeyer
2001 Dr. Kenneth Ellwein
2002 Alan Oesterreich
2003 Paul Crisler
2004 David Widenhofer
2005 Norman Brauer
2006 Richard Rath
2007 Randy Lowe
2008 Dr. David Hahn
2009 Kevin Dunning
2010 John Marks
2011 Pat Klekamp
2012 Gregg Pinick
2013 Dr. Wayne Kramer
2014 Craig Swanson
2015 Dr. Ross Stueber
2016 John Englebrecht