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MTM announces Dual Credit Program with CUW MTM is announcing a new Dual Credit Program for Lutheran High Schools that will be run through Concorida Unversity Wisconsin. MTM will partner with CUW on this project and provide reduced tuition rates for members. Click here for an informational flyer.

If your school is seeking a candidate for a teaching position from one of the Concordia Universities, you can do so by completing the LCMS Placement Request Form. Click here for more information.

The New England Prep offers curriculum advancement to schools. The SAT may be worth 30% to 50% of a university’s decision. High schools who seek the very best for their students’ futures are proactive in their approach to the SAT and ACT. Through curriculum infusion of SAT skills in your school’s math and English classes, the New England Prep provides valuable skills for your students and necessary diagnostics to guide your school’s curriculum. Visit their website for more information.

TADS provides unique solutions and systems for tuition management, financial aid assessment, billing and tuition management. TADS combines our experience, relationships and unique services, allowing schools to concentrate on the growth and successes of their students. Visit their website for more information.

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Financial Aid Survey Results

In December of 2011, a survey was emailed out to ALSS member schools. Click here for the results