Vision & Values


"ALSS identifies, equips and supports leaders to advance the Christ-centered ministries of Lutheran secondary schools."


ALSS is a professional organization through which the synchronized efforts of exemplary school leaders crystallize in missional, relevant, and healthy Lutheran high schools worldwide.


ALSS defines and interprets dynamic models of effective leadership for Lutheran secondary schools and identifies, nurtures, trains, and challenges potential leaders to apply such models to their work.


ALSS promotes and models mutually beneficial networks and partnerships that enable the identification, review, and recommendation of quality and innovative resources of all types [people, electronic, print, and program].


ALSS has developed and aligned its operations with an innovative, empowering vision for excellence in leadership.

Christ Centered

Grounded in the grace of God in Jesus Christ, ALSS nurtures the spiritual welfare of its members and upholds servanthood in Christ as a ministry model for leaders in Lutheran secondary schools.


ALSS is known and appreciated for its advocacy of the needs of Lutheran high school leaders and their schools.


ALSS Values...

  • above all, a relationship with Jesus Christ that permeates all aspects of the organization.
  • the variety of individuals and school settings that contribute to the diversity of Lutheran secondary education.
  • distinctively Lutheran secondary education that strives for high academic achievement and spiritual growth for God’s young people.
  • the process that enables school leaders to grow professionally in their service to Christ and others.
  • creative and visionary thinking that propels the ministry of our schools toward God-directed, clearly established goals.
  • the collegial spirit demonstrated through supporting and nurturing its members while mentoring present and future leaders.

Critical Targets

Outcomes of this mission and vision

New Leaders

Future Lutheran High School administrators are identified and supported to become leaders of significance and Christian influence.

Heads of Schools

Emerging and beginning heads of schools are identified and equipped in the essential elements of executive leadership appropriate to the needs of Lutheran secondary schools.

Professional Development

Current and future Lutheran high school administrators have access to resources and models and collegial conferencing in current/emerging educational trends to enhance professional development.

Professional Dialog

Our members engage in a range of collegial to collaborative to consultative conversations to identify, inform, and develop strategies to advance the missions of their schools.

Increasing (Expanding, Growing) Membership

A higher percentage of eligible schools are members of ALSS and an increasing number of school leaders are engaging in ALSS activities.


ALSS membership dues, endowment and other sources fund all current ministries and enable exploration of future ministries.